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About Phamus

The name of the brand is Phamus. When said with an accent, it sounds like the word famous. My wife has always been my strong supporter and proponent. I cannot thank her enough. As a tribute, I dedicate it all to her. Her maiden name was Pham and now, she is Phamus for it. These wines are hand-crafted masterpieces of both pride and joy.


In the fall of 2016 I picked and crushed the first "Phamus" grapes. In 2020, I launched my line of Phamus Beers. And last, but not least, Phamus Spirits will be arriving soon.


I have finally struck out on my own to see what joy I could bring to others with my products. The support and feedback has been overwhelming. This is an absolute passion for me and it’s in my blood.


It is my sincere hope for all who taste these creations that you enjoy!

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