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The Journey

Double Dry Hopped Hazy IPA

Start The Journey with a sip. This juicy and wildly tasty brew is balanced with a distinct fruity character, pronounced haze and lively hop aromas. This is canned proof that the haze craze continues. A smooth creamy mouth feel indulges the taste buds while reducing any stinging bitterness. Let The Journey begin!

How long will your journey be and when will you return? Every journey begins with one step, so one step can define you. Do not be deterred, journey on for The Promise awaits.


The Promise

Double Dry Hopped West Coast IPA 

Completing The Promise beings with a sip. This scrumptious beer is balanced with notes of pine and has the hallmark of a stellar IPA: fresh hop aroma. Floral citrusy notes compliment the crispness characterized by this malty and hoppy treasure. This brew nods to the OG craft. Take The Journey and fulfill The Promise!


What does The Promise mean to you? We say, "Under promise, overdeliver." A beautiful star filled night sky can remind us of treasured promises. A promise fulfilled creates The Legacy, what will be yours?


The Legacy
West Coast, Hazy IPA

Savor The Legacy with every sip. This remarkable beer is impeccably balanced with pine, fresh hop flavors, citrus, and fruity characters. It is the best of both worlds, combining haze with original IPA hallmarks. This harmony of flavor represents the regions of hops and brewing style that we all have grown to love. May The Legacy endure!


What legacy will you leave behind? Each living legacy is more than just a name. Like a sturdy tree, roots and branches firmly ground each legacy. Realize The Legacy, then start another.

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