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The Phamily

Phamus' Personalized Wine Club

Welcome to the "Phamily", Phamus’ personalized wine club, created especially for you. Phamus Wines sell out very quickly and are extremely limited. This club is a guarantee to reserve your wines ahead of time, make sure you receive what you want and be first to know about any new wines. In order to express my deep gratitude, I am extending discounts and benefits to you as members.

Club: Welcome

The Details

As part of the Phamily, there is no minimum purchase amount, and your shipments can be edited, skipped or cancelled at any time. This is a regular subscription that will renew automatically, unless informed otherwise. Notifications will be sent via email for upcoming shipments. If you join, you agree that cancellations and changes must be made prior to shipping and you are responsible for charges incurred due to misdirection or reshipping. The Phamily membership is all about you. You decide what you want, how much of it and when you receive it.

Club: Welcome

Benefits & New Feature

Sometimes wine clubs are too expensive all at once. Would you like to be on a monthly payment plan? Your total payment amount can be split up per shipment over the course of a year as a monthly fee rather than all at once.

  • Orders of 6+ bottles receive a 5% discount

  • Orders of 12+ bottles receive a 10% discount

  • Orders of 18+ bottles receive a 10% discount & free shipping

  • Orders of 24+ bottles receive a 15% discount & free shipping

  • Orders of 36+ bottles receive a 20% discount & free shipping

Club: Welcome
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