The Rose - 2021 Sparkling Rosé

The Rose - 2021 Sparkling Rosé


Few greater privileges could there be, if any, than to honor your most precious people. Although every bottle contains her face, this one contains her name. She is a reward, a trust and extends herself on behalf of others. This wine was selected personally by her and represents her well. Her bubbly personality drew us together, and every embrace is memorable. We hope this wine brings happiness to the heart. To my dear Rose: May your joy be like this wine, sparkling forever.

Flavor Profile:

Our small batch sparkling Rosé is refreshing with a full-bodied taste. Harvested from the Sonoma coast, it is distinctively luscious and light. The coastal weather allows for unique minerality and is aromatic with notes of spring flowers, caramel, and fresh stone fruits. 


For many years we loved the idea of having a sparkling wine because it represents celebration and joy. After much searching, we finally found the right fruit source that resulted in the highest quality wine with a flavor profile and finish that truly stands above the rest. We believe that you will taste the difference.

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    There is a 24-hour cancellation policy from point of purchase and a 30% restocking fee for any returns after that point. If wine is damaged or other issues arise, please contact us directly to rectify the situation.

  • Reviews

    "Who couldn't use a good reason to celebrate? This is a truly memorable wine." - J. G.